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Agustín Comotto

Illustrator and cartoonist. He began to publish in the Argentine magazine Fierro at the end of the 80s. He studied drawing with Alberto Breccia and Leopoldo Durañona and, after publishing in various Argentine media, he moved to live in Barcelona at the beginning of 99. He combines his work as an illustrator and author in the children’s area, publishing books of his authorship in different countries such as France, Italy, Mexico or Korea. In 2001, he won the award On the edge of the wind from the Fondo de Cultura Económica de México for the book Siete millones de escarabajos (Seven Million Beetles), which, the following year, received a White Raven mention from the Munic Library (Germany). Combining his work as an illustration for children and adults, he illustrates for the Nordic publishing house various classics of literature such as 20000 Legues dunder the sea and From the earth to the moon by Jules Verne, The death of Iván Illich by Lev Tolsói, Coses aparentment intrascendents by Pere Calders or The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe. For the same publishing house, he illustrates Jesús Marchamalo’s book on polar explorations, La conquista de los polos and an Atlas of universal literature produced by various authors. In 2017 he published 155 Simón Radowitzky, a graphic novel about the life of Simón Radowitzky that is published in France, the US, Argentina and Germany. For Memòria pintaixada del Memorial Democràtic de Catalunya publishers, he created the book Llibres contra bombes (història d’un Bibliobús) with text by Carles Duarte. His last work as an author is The Weight of the Stars, the life of the anarchist Octavio Alberola, edited by Raig Verd, where he does a work of historical research regardless of illustration.

He combines his illustration work for different media such as author giving talks for children about the trade of counting with images.

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